Czech Paradise

In 2004, the UNESCO has undertaken another project concerning the protection of the World Heritage. After the architectural and cultural heritage, UNESCO drew its attention to the geological heritage, and, thus, the Global Network of Geological Parks was formed. The Czech Republic can be proud of the first place in terms of European geological parks. The Bohemian Paradise was recorded as the first in the list.

The Bohemian Paradise has been a tourist destination for nearly two centuries. It has always attracted attention because of its dramatic appearance, particularly, by its sandstone formations (sandstone) emerging from its forests. Only about half of the Bohemian Paradise has the status of geological park, but there are also other attractions available to visitors. It is not for nothing that this is one of the most visited regions of the Czech Republic. Its magnificent landscape consists of old castles, looking proudly at the country, and its valleys and rivers are unforgettable. It would be difficult to find the most romantic small towns. The Czech Paradise offers all this and it is very easily accessible from Prague.


The Geological Park Classification by UNESCO is not permanent. The Bohemian Paradise must prove its membership as a member every three years.