Olomouc – Holy Trinity Column

Olomouc, which is located in the heart of the Haná region and as a city of over one hundred thousand inhabitants, is one of the largest Moravian towns, where it made an appointment with the history. The tradition of erecting plague columns began, in Christian countries, after the Council of Trent. By the time of its appearance, in the years 1716-1754, the monument of Olomouc is one of the last examples of this fashion wave but it differs, significantly, from all similar monuments by its creative concept, wealth of figurative decorations, and, finally, even by its dimensions. The dedication of this 35-meters-high monument was held, on 9 September 1754, in the presence of the Empress Maria Theresa, and her husband Franz Joseph I. Steven of Lorraine. The Column of the Holy Trinity was registered, in 2000, in the UNESCO list.

Holy Trinity Column

The memorial column, erected in the early 18th century, is a remarkable example of the kind of a very typical monument of Central Europe. It reaches a height of 35m and is of a characteristic style, known as the "Olomouc baroque", decorated with many statues of the remarkable Moravian artist Ondřej Zahner.

Olomouc is located on the fast lane (Vyškov-Brno - Ostrava, about 300 km from Prague and on the high-speed rail corridor Prague - Ostrava.

(Enrolled in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000)