Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora - Historical Centre, Church of Saint Barbara and the Cathedral of the Assumption in Sedlec

The profits from the silver mines brought, in medieval times, fame to the Czech crown. Kutna Hora became, then, one of the most significant and richest Czech towns. At the turn of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the silver city became the seat of King Wenceslas IV. The church of Saint James (1330), and the Cathedral of Santa Barbara (1388), the patron saint of miners, are the most important architectural monuments.

Other jewels of Kutna Hora include the Old Mint, the Italian Court (Vlassky dvůr) from the thirteenth century, and some patrician houses. In the building called Hradek (Small Castle), which is part of the old town fortifications, is the Museum of Mining. The exhibition includes the former Latin school, and convent church in Sedlec district where the curious Bones Chapel is situated, whose interior is made entirely of human bones (many victims of plague epidemics).

Kutna Hora is situated 60 km east of Prague. The connection to Prague is ensured by fast national trains and national bus companies.

(Recorded on the UNESCO list in 1995 )