Kroměříž - gardens and castle

In 1777, this city, located in central Moravia, in the foothills of the Chřiby, became the seat of the bishops of Olomouc. The Kroměříž palace and the wonderful palace garden are considered as an example of unusually beautiful and well maintained Baroque architecture. In its time, it represented a very important role in the development of Baroque architecture of the palaces and gardens in Central Europe. The palace garden with flower decoration and the garden, beneath the palace, were inscribed on the UNESCO list.

The castle, built in the seventeenth century on the foundations of the previous building, represents an exceptionally preserved example of a Baroque residence of the high nobility in Central Europe, as well as its gardens that belonged to it: the Garden under the Castle (Podzámecká zahrada), whose natural landscape design is the work of English type, and the Flower Garden (Kvetna zahrada), built in primary Baroque style.

(Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998)