Mladá Boleslav - museum of Škoda cars

This visit is certainly very interesting for those who enjoy the technique and automobiles in general. During this tour, we shall first enter the cars museum, where we can admire the first models that were manufactured in the end of the nineteenth century.

First, we shall see the exhibition about 100 years of the firm. We will also see the first car manufactured here, called the Voiturette. Secondly, we can admire the exhibition - Sleeping Beauty - this is a collection of veteran cars in original condition that are waiting for a renovation and repair even in the museum. Visitors can compare the technical condition of the veteran car before its renewal and aterwards.

The last part concerns the Engine Gallery. This gallery is organized chronologically to demonstrate clearly the development of the construction of engines over 60 years. After having visited the museum, we can make the excursion in the current cars production.

Only four car factories, in the world, can boast of uninterrupted and more than century-old tradition of car production. The Škoda factory is one of these four plants. The history of car production has been developed without interruption, since the year 1895, in the city of Mladá Boleslav, which is 55 kilometers outside of Prague.