Nižbor, crystal factory

The small town of Nižbor is situated 7 km from Beroun, west of Prague. The plant produces crystal glass containing 24% lead. It is a family factory, established, in 1903, by Antonín Rückl. In 1992, the great grandson of the first owner, Jiří Rückl, had to buy the factory (nationalized in 1945) back to be able to regain it. The factory makes, especially the cut lead crystal. During our visit of the factory, we shall see the technological process, we will enter the great room with the ovens where the raw material is melted, the temperature reaches up to 1450 degrees Centigrade. Melted material is blown with the aid of tubes in order to receive the desired shape of the product. The hot product stays, first, in a wooden mould, which was first dipped in cold water, then it has to cool down, for several hours, in cooling tunnels and, in the end, the product is cut and engraved, which is actually an artwork.

After having finished the factory tour, visitors can buy, in the store of the factory, wonderful products of fine crystal.