Český Krumlov, medieval town

The medieval town of Český Krumlov is an architectural jewel. It is one of the best preserved historical towns of Bohemia and it was declared the Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. Český Krumlov Castle was born, in the mid-thirteenth century, and served, at the time, as a residence of the dynasty of Vítkovec, afterwards of the noble family of Rožmberk, the family of Eggenberg and, finally, it was the residence of the Schwarzenberg noble family. The Castle occupies a large area, with its surface it is the 2nd largest castle in the country (it is 2nd after the Prague Castle, being only 4 square meters smaller than the Prague Castle). The medieval castle was, over time, gradually transformed into a more convenient palace for the aristocracy to live there more comfortably. Below the castle, the medieval district called Latrán is situated, with its beautiful historic houses. In this area, we can see many picturesque houses built in different styles – they are Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque in style. We also admire several churches in this historic city, for example, the Church of Saint Justinian, in whose vicinity a hospital existed formerly. In the historic centre of town lies the main square where the Renaissance Town Hall of the 2nd half of the sixteenth century is situated, and, very near, there is a big church of St Vitus, of Gothic style, dating from 1407 to 1439. This medieval town is, really, an open-air "live" museum.

The town of Český Krumlov is located, approximately, 170 km from Prague.