Hluboká Castle-Palace

The romantic chateau of Hluboka nad Vltavou is, undoubtedly, the most prized architectural work in Southern Bohemia. In the beginning, the royal castle of the thirteenth century stood here, which underwent several modifications, Gothic, Baroque, the last renovation having been made in the years 1845 – 1871, which gave it its English Gothic aspect of Windsdor. The last owner of the palace was the noble family of Schwarzenberg. The palace was used as the official seat of this noble family. In 1947, the palace was nationalized and became state property. During our visit, we shall see several rooms luxuriously decorated, unique wood carvings and precious collections of porcelain, glass, paintings. We can also visit the South Bohemian Gallery of Aleš. After visiting the castle, we recommend the walk in the park of the palace, designed in English style, which has an extraordinary extension of 190 hectares.