Český Šternberk Castle

The castle of Český Šternberk is lying on top of a very high cliff above the river Sázava. The Gothic castle was founded, already in 1241, by Zdeslav of the Divišovci family. The castle was, later on, called Šternberk (Star Castle), with the family coat of arms consisting of a eight-pointed golden star. The current owner of the castle is a descendant of one arm of this family, whose name is also Zdeněk Šternberk, which is rare and very surprising after nearly eight centuries. The castle was, repeatedly, remodelled. The latest innovations of the castle took place in the second half of the seventeenth century and after the year 1712. During our visit, we will see the baroque interiors with period furniture of great artistic value, fifteen rooms lavishly decorated and furnished in different styles. Some rooms are dedicated to important personalities of the family of Šternberk. In the castle, you can also see the collections of historical weapons, porcelain and also 545 engravings from the time of the Thirty Years War, collected by Jiří Šternberk in the early twentieth century.