Karlštejn Castle

The medieval Karlštejn castle was built in the mid-fourteenth century (after 1348) at the time of Emperor Charles IV, who was a very important person for our country. This castle was designed, first, as a summer residence of the king, later on, it served as a safe for storing the crowning jewels of the Czech Kingdom. Inside the castle, we feel, really, the Middle Ages, we return to the very distant time. We'll visit several rooms which are witnesses of this era: Audience Hall, Hall of Knights, king's bedroom, genealogical gallery of the Premyslid and Luxembourg dynasties (they being the ancestors of Charles IV from the side of his father and his mother), banquet hall and we shall see, of course, many other beautiful and richly decorated rooms and halls.

The ambiance of the castle is also beautiful, the castle being built on top of a hill, around there is a lot of forest and pure environment, rich in natural beauty. The Castle Karlštejn is considered to be the jewel of the Czech Gothic style and is declared the National Cultural Monument.

The castle is located, approximately, 40 km from Prague.