Františkovy Lázně (Franzensbad)

The spa town, full of parks, and gardens, whose tradition dates back to 1707, is known for the excellent results of treatment of gynecologic, and osteo-articular diseases.
The curative effects of 24 mineral springs, sulphur- ferruginous mud, and thermal gas join, here, modern balneo-therapeutic methods, and cutting-edge medical care.
The first mentions of mineral sources, in the location of this spa town, date back to the twelfth century. The first chemical analysis was carried out in 1572, and a half-century later, Cheb mineral water already enjoyed an excellent reputation. At different times, illustrious personalities, sovereigns, and aristocrats came for healing to the town of Cheb. Only, in 1793, the spa town was founded, called, later on, Lázně císaře Františka (Spa Town of Emperor Francis). As the town was developing, it was possible to watch the improvement of methods applied during the healing cures. The spa town was receiving eminent balneotherapy specialists.

The town of Františkovy Lázně has plenty of natural healing springs that are suitable for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, gynecological diseases, and muskuloskeletal disorders. We see spring, here, 24 water sources with a strong content of carbonates containing minerals. Twelve sources serve for baths, and cure drinks. Rich deposits of sulfate-iron mud are used for baths, and compresses. A natural carbon dioxide is another therapeutic means.

At the level of urbanization, Františkovy Lázně represents a prestigious architectural ensemble. The buildings are surrounded by vast green spaces - parks, forests arranged - that are the pride of this spa town and provide spa visitors (and patients) with an indispensable repose.

Dominated by the Francis source, the Peace Square is the city centre. In the vicinity of the source, we shall find the statue of the boy with a fish, which was christened Francis. Among the interesting buildings, in the city, it is worth mentioning, namely, the Three Beds House, afterwards, the Gas Baths with the New Colonnade, the Glauber Hall, the Colonnade of Salted spring (Solný), and of Meadow Spring (Luční), and Spas III.
Extending over an area of 250 hectares, the parks, and forests offer an ideal framework for tours, and different sports. It's a place called Amerika (America) which is a preferred target of walks.