Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

The Charles Bridge is one of the symbols of Prague, connecting the two historic districts, the Lesser Town with the Old Town of Prague. The first building block was laid in 1357, more precisely, it was on July 9th, 1357, at 5 o´clock and 31 minutes in the morning, it being a recommendation of astrologers to the emperor Charles IV, a very superstitious person. And it seems that this recommendation has been really good since the bridge is already more than 657 years old! The Charles Bridge is 516 meters long and 10 meters wide and it is supported by 16 pillars. Each end of the bridge is guarded by powerful towers, next to the Lesser Town, it has 2 towers, and the side of the Old Town has one tower, formerly, the whole architectural ensemble was part of the defense system of Prague. After 1657, the first statues started to be placed on the Charles Bridge. There are, currently, 30 groups of statues representing, in most cases, several saints and characters important for our people. This is a real open-air gallery.