Church of Our Lady of Victory (kostel Panny Marie Vítězné)

The statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague was brought to Prague by a Spanish noble lady, Maria Manriques de Lara, who married the Czech aristocrat Vratislav of Pernštejn. Her daughter, Polyxena Lobkowicz, offered the statuette, in 1628, to the Discalced Carmelites. It is said that the Infant Jesus of Prague is able to help in cases of health problems, it is presumably even capable of doing miracles. It is much loved and venerated, especially in the Latin countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Latin America in general, but also, for example, in the Philippines, India and Africa and in other distant countries. Carmelite monks regularly publish a magazine. In the sacristy of the church, you can see many gifts that the Infant Jesus of Prague continues to receive from various countries around the world, including, of course, Great Britain and the United States of America. On the first floor of the church, there is the museum with dozens of dresses that the statuette has received so far. Even the very empress Maria Teresa offered it some dresses and outfits lavishly decorated and they are said to have been sewn and embroidered by herself. In September 2007, Our Lady Aparecida from Brazil was installed here, with much glory and a grand ceremony, next to the Infant Jesus of Prague.