Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)

Prague was founded with the Prague Castle already in the ninth century. Let's go through the 1st Castle courtyard, called also the Courtyard of Honour, let´s cross the 2nd courtyard, where stands the Chapel of the Holy Cross, we come to the 3rd courtyard, and, in front of us, there is the imposing Cathedral of St. Vitus, St. Adalbert and St. Wenceslas, whose construction began in November 1344 and was completed only in September 1929, ie after 585 years! During our tour, we will see even the Old Royal Palace, the seat of our princes, kings, emperors, where the magnificent Vladislav Hall is situated, from the late fifteenth century. The Prague Castle also covers the Basilica of St. George, from the beginning of the tenth century, a Romanesque work. Next to the basilica, the first convent of Benedictines was built. Very popular is also the Golden Lane, connected through its legends with the time of Rudolf II Habsburg and the alchemists who he has invited to his court. They wanted to find out a drink of eternal youth, the elixir of youth, they promised to produce gold from a simple metal, too, but unfortunately for them and also for us, nothing worked. From 1918, when the independent Czechoslovak Republic was declared, the Prague Castle is the seat of the President of the Republic.