Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto (Loreta)

A place of pilgrimage in Prague, built after 1626, on the initiative of Benign Catherine of Lobkowicz, a noble and very devout lady. The best Italian artists of the time participated in the construction of Loreto, also the family of architects Dientzenhofer (father and son), and other famous artists. The tower has a Baroque bell carillon with 27 bells singing, every hour, a Marian song "We greet you a thousand times, O Mary." Inside the architectural ensemble is the Santa Casa, a copy of the birthplace of the Virgin Mary. On the back eastern side is located the Church of Jesus Christ Nativity, a triumph of a Baroque style. On the first floor of the Sanctuary there is a collection of objects linked to church - chalices, custodies, monstrances, the most valuable of them being the diamond monstrance with 6222 tiny diamond stones, whose value is inestimable.