Openning hours in Prague

on 14 November, 2014

Shopping malls and small shops in the centre of Prague

Most souvenir shops, in the Old Town, are open up to 22 hours or even later, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Some large shopping centres are working non-stop, that is 24 hours a day, even on Christmas or during other national holidays. There are also small shops called "Večerka", working, too, until evening hours. In them, you can buy basic food.

Restaurants, bars and clubs

The restaurants and cafes are open, on weekdays, from 10 am until 23 hours at night. In summer, it is very nice to eat in a restaurant's terrace. The so-called "silent night" starts from 22 hours to 06 hours in the morning.
The bars and clubs close around 2 o'clock at night, some of them at 3 o´clock or 5 o´clock in the morning.