Climate and clothing

on 14 November, 2014


The July is the period with more rain. Even in summer, the temperatures are mild. It is good to take various clothes and to put them on, so you have the option to change them throughout the day. Winters are sometimes stringent, besides having the highest concentration of pollution.

What kind of clothing should you bring?

There are 4 seasons in our country, depending on them it is necessary to use the appropriate clothing. Taking into account that in Prague we walk a lot, it is always necessary to have comfortable shoes as well. Most of the monuments are located in the historic city centre and there is much walking. It is not good to have shoes with high heels. It is good to be prepared against the rain, it rains at any season of the year. In summer, take the sunglasses, suntan cream, in winter, do not forget winter boots (hot and high), a good coat, gloves and a hat or another head cover.